Per Gram Calculator

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How to use gram calculator

You can easily compare multiple products that weigh and price differently by calculating the price per gram and the weight per $1.
By changing the unit, you can calculate the price per unit such as the price per length and the price per piece.

Enter weight and price

Enter the weight (grams) and price ($) of the products you want to compare.

There are two input fields, but if you enter two, an input field will be added below, so you can enter as many products as you like.

If the entered value is not a number, or if the weight or price is blank, the lowest price will be calculated for other products except that product.

Per gram and per price

When the weight and price are entered, you can choose to display the price per gram or the weight per price.

"Per 1g" is the price per gram divided by the weight.

"Per 100g" shows the price per 100g by dividing the price by 1/100 of the weight.

"Per $1" shows the weight per $1 by dividing the weight by the price.

The calculated number is rounded to the first decimal place and displayed with two decimal places, so even if it is slightly different, it may be treated as the same price and weight.

Display of the lowest price

If you enter the weight and price of two or more items, the cheapest item will be displayed in yellow.

When displaying the price per gram, the cheapest price is the lowest price, and when displaying the gram per price, the heaviest price is the lowest price.

If the numbers are the same, multiple items will be displayed as the lowest price.

Change of unit

When you click the "Config" button, the unit setting menu is displayed, so you can change the length and number.